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KPCK Recipes

Our dinner menu items are always homemade by the talented

and skilled volunteer chefs.

And, they love sharing your favorite dishes and dessert recipes

so you can enjoy them at home or to share with others, too!


A super easy recipe that is delicious! It can be made with any combination of ground beef, venison, or turkey -- your choice! Add your choice of gravy and you have a very filling meal for the whole family!

Our guest chef Teresa made this delicious slaw and homemade applesauce to go with our Chicken Pot Pie meal.


Our guest chef Teresa used this recipe from to create this super easy Chicken Pot Pie and it was a huge hit!

This zucchini cake was served at our August 14th dinner. You can make a sugar-free version by substituting an equivalent amount of Splenda for the sugar. 


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