Nourishing neighbors

The Knox Prairie Community Kitchen has expanded beyond our original goal of hosting free community meals. We are very excited to share some of our projects! If you are interested in helping with a specific project, please contact us.


Food insecurity is a major issue in Galesburg and Knox County and we believe it can be alleviated by increasing seed-to-plate knowledge in our community; how to grow, harvest, and preserve food and how to prepare nutrionally balanced meals on a budget.


Our main focus is to serve nutritious food with diginity and respect. We do this by serving free community meals twice a month in the basement of the Central Congregational Church. We serve approximately 200 guests at each dinner with the help of 30 to 40 volunteers. We have been doing this since October 2011. If you are interested in volunteering for a community meal, please visit our VOLUNTEER page.


In early 2013 GREDA (Galesburg Regional Development Economic Association) partnered with us by providing six tenths of an acre for growing our own food. We started off by tilling a 60'x60' plot to plant vegetables to be used in our community meals in the fall.


This has been a great learning experience for KPCK volunteers, as well as some of our dinner guests, who have been helping us plant and maintain the garden. Our hope for the future is to become more sustainable by growing our own vegetables, in addition to offering gardening opportunities to anyone in the community who would like to learn how to maintain a garden as well as take some fresh produce home with them!


This has been an exciting adventure so far, thank you GREDA for giving us this opportunity!

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KPCK Garden 2013

One of our volunteers working hard planting some of our veggies!