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KPCK Monthly Newsletter

The KPCK Education Committee starting in March 2013 wanted to put together a newsletter for our dinner guests as well as the entire community about opportunities in the area relating to food, gardening and community events.

March 2014 Newsletter

March 13, 2014

Staples sponsored tonight's dinner.


Dear Friends,

Welcome! Happy Spring! The KPCK now has complimentary recipe cards featuring the meals served at the kitchen! They're scaled down to meet the needs of families and small groups. Find them on the table near the entrance.


Remember the awesome meal on February 13th? Guest Chef Bill Villarreal from the new catering company High Noon BBQ treated the KPCK to a homemade meal! (contact: 309-335-0592).

Get pumped for more guest chefs in the future.


Most excitingly, the KPCK hosted its first dinner in Knoxville on March 6th! Look for more dinners throughout Knox County. Thank you to Jim Eastwood for his enthusiasm and organizing!

Upcoming KPCK Dinners:

March 27

April 10

April 24

Past issues:

The Knox Prairie Community Kitchen will be running its Second Annual Yard Sale as a part of the "More on 34" sales that will run along Route 34. The sale will take place on Father's Day Weekend, June 14th - 15th. If you have donations or are interested in helping, please contact Susie Reynolds at 309-363-0842.


The folks at the Knox Prairie Community Kitchen

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