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Friends of KPCK

The Knox Prairie Community Kitchen wouldn't be able to accomplish our goals & mission without the generosity and benevolence of individuals, businesses and organizations in and around this amazing community .
We are grateful for the support and help from everyone but we would specifically like to thank these particular groups below:
First Baptist
169 S. Cherry Street Galesburg, IL

In the summer of 2018, we formed a new

partnership with First Baptist Church and

started holding our dinners in July that

same year. The people at First Baptist

 Church have been generous and

 accommodating, and we look forward to

working with them for many years to come

while serving the Galesburg community.

(Photo: Dave Johnsen)                                                                          

knox college.jpg
Knox College
2 East Souh Street, Galesburg, IL

Knox College is just one of 40 schools featured in

Pope's, influential book, Colleges That Change Lives,

which is just one of the reasons we are honored

to have worked with Knox students, staff, faculty, and

administrators throughout the years. We appreciate

their support and  look forward to our continued

partnership with the college.

2015 Windish Drive, Galesburg, IL

Starting in early 2014, KCCDD volunteers have joined

us on Thursday morning of every dinner to help

set our dining room tables. This is a crucial part of our

free community meals and we would not be able to do

what we do  without their dedication and support.

60 Public Square, Galesburg, IL 61401

The congregation of the Central Congregational

Church graciously invited KPCK to use their kitchen

and dining room in the fall of 2012, and the

church remained home to KPCK for almost 6 years.

Though we have since moved, we remain grateful to

them for their generosity during those years. 

riverbend foodbank
4010 Kimmel Dr, Davenport, IA 52802

Riverbend Foodbank's motto is "Together We Can

Solve Hunger". Not only do they work with agencies

in 23 different counties in Illinois & Iowa but, every

dinner we prepare, most every food item we place on

 our "take home" tables has been provided by the

 Riverbend Foodbank at either a discount or at no

charge. We simply couldn't do what we do without

 Riverbend, and we are forever grateful.

688 Hawthorne Court, Galesburg, IL 61401

At each dinner, the Knox Prairie Community Kitchen

not only provides freshly prepared meals to area

residents but we also try to provide a sampling of

perishable & nonperishable food items for diners to

 select from to take home. FISH has always

been a sponsor of these "take home" items providing

a variety of baked breads, dinner rolls, buns &

pastries to for us to set out.​​

The Galesburg and Surrounding Areas
Simply stated, the Knox Prairie Community
Kitchen wouldn't exist without the generous donation
of time, money, resources, talent, skill and effort
from good people like you. Every day, we are
grateful & blessed to be a part of this incredibly
altruistic community.
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