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If you have any questions or would like more information, please see our "FAQ" below.

If you still can't find the information you need, please email us or use the  Contact Form (below) to reach us.

Q: Are you currently serving dinners?

A. Yes. Due to Covid, KPCK is providing to-go meals via          curbside service beginning at 5 pm and until our meals        run out.

    Please see our homepage or our Facebook page for 

    more information on where, how & other important details.

Q. How much does a meal cost?

A. Nothing. Our dinners are free and open to the entire         

    community. We are not serving meals solely to the

    underprivileged. The only requirement for attending our

    meals are that you enjoy sharing good food with good


Q. How do I get a meal ticket?

A. When we're serving in-person meals a volunteer                   will hand out tickets at the dinner, at the front door (only).

Q. Where are the dinners held?

A. The First Baptist Church at 169 S. Cherry Street has 

     graciously allowed us to cook & serve our dinners                 there. Please enter through the front door (unless

     you're volunteering & then we ask you please use the

     back door).

Q. What time do the dinners start?

A. With the exception of November & December, dinners

     begin at 5 pm and go until the dinners run out. They're         held every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month.

Q. Do I have to be of a certain religious faith to attend or

     volunteer at the dinners?

A. We welcome & invite everyone. We aren't religiously

     affiliated and none is required to attend or volunteer at

     our dinners.

Q. I have a friend/parent/child who can't come to the

     dinner. Can I get a ticket to take a dinner to them?

A. In an effort to be fair to those who attend our 

     dinners, we allow just one ticket per person. However, 

     at the end of the evening, if we have more food than

     attendees, diners are welcome to take additional meals


Q. Can my family come to the dinners?

A. Absolutely! It's our hope that our dinners bring families,          friends, co-workers, individuals, neighbors & "just                  haven't met you yets" together at the dinner table to              enjoy delicious food, friendly faces and good                          conversation.

Q. Can I pay for my meal if I want to?

A. & yes. While we don't take any 

    money in exchange for a meal ticket, we do accept free

    will donations (donation boxes are located inside the

    dining room).


Q. How can I sign up to volunteer?

A. We encourage anyone who would like to volunteer -- 

     individuals, groups, couples, organizations - to use 

     SignUpGenius because it helps us manage the dinners

     better. If you click on the "Volunteer" tab at the

     top of this page, you can then click on a date & you'll be

     redirected to the SignUpGenius site.

Q. How can I get more information about volunteering?

A: Just click on the "Volunteer" tab at the top of the page

     and  there you'll find dinner dates & details about 

     volunteer requirements & duties. Still have questions?

     No problem! Please feel free to email us at

Q. I'd love to make a monetary donation. How do I go

    about doing so? 

A. We use PayPal's secure website to make the donating

    process quick, easy & safe. However, if you'd like to

    donate via check, you can send it to:

Knox Prairie Community Kitchen

PO Box 1784

Galesburg IL 61402-1784

Q. Do I need to have a PayPal account to donate

     through PayPal?

A. No. You only need a credit card.

Q. I'd like more information about sponsoring a meal. Is

    there someone I can contact?

A. Yes. For additional information about donating or

     becoming a meal sponsor, you can click on the "Donate"

     tab at the top of this page or email us


169 S Cherry St

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