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Become a KPCK Sponsor

Our free community meals are more than just a free dinner. They are an opportunity to encourage community; people from all walks of life are invited to come together to enjoy a nutritionally balanced meal, meet their neighbors, and engage in great conversation.


For each free community dinner, we budget $500 to purchase and prepare for 150 meals. Businesses, organizations, and individuals can sponsor at any monetary level. All donations are appreciated and are vital to our continued existence.


Sponsors are advertised on our website and in promotional media. The sponsor can choose to remain anonymous if they wish.


Please consider becoming a sponsor today! All sponsors are invited to attend our meals as well as volunteer for the opportunity to see how their donation is being used.



Past Sponsors:

If you, your organization, or your business is interested in becoming a meal sponsor, or you have questions about sponsoring a meal, please  email

Thank you for your support!

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